Comfort Studio

Cloud 9 Multisport has an entire semi-private / private area designated to address proper shoe fitting and comfort management. This is the core of our customer experience where we can directly serve the running, walking and standing communities.

The days of living with pain and discomfort after being on your feet all day can now be seriously addressed and your quality of life increased.

Take your time, try on different shoes, listen to your own music while you run or walk on the commercial treadmill.

The studio is also equipped with the Aetrex Albert 2, foot scanning system that will not only measure you feet and standing pressure distribution, but also you gait. We can directly address issues that originate in your step or feet that can often create pain and discomfort in other areas of your body.

Get recommended orthotics off the shelf or custom order your own pair of 3-d printed orthotics at a fraction of the price of other custom orthotics

Contact us for off-site events for your business or organization. We will bring this amazing experience to you and your workforce.

Are you on your feet all day for work? Learn how orthotics can help address both how you feel at the end of the day and the energy you have. They can be added to any shoe or work boot that the insole can be removed from.

Come in and see us!

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