Purpose through Business

Business and world changing purpose can be combined in a way to bring purpose and fulfillment to employees and customers. Cloud 9 is proudly partnered with Water for Good in order to provide clean drinking water to those that don't have it in Africa. Why clean water? It is the foundation of health, education, social needs and so much more. When a village doesn't have access to water, people, often children walk miles through rough areas to carry water home.

We can make a difference. Cloud 9 donates $3 for every pair of shoes or sandals sold. At an approximate cost of $3,000 per well head, we were able to provide two well heads in 2023.

If you purchased shoes Between January 1, 2023 to July 15th, 2023, this is YOUR well.

It is located in the small village of Mpombo, which you can see on Google Earth. The water quality is great, and this handpump will now be entered into the Water for Good maintenance program, so it will continue to pump clean water for years to come.

Well number 2 has been donated, we are waiting on the completion! Stay tuned

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