Corporate & Community Programs

Military, Veteran and Active First Responder discounts – please present your ID at the time of transaction and make sure your service is notated in your customer profile. Your service will get you 5% off all regular priced items. We thank you for serving others.

Warsaw Police Department – You have the ability to use your allocated spend in our store, to purchase fitness gear and one of the most popular items, Hoka Gortex boots.

Corporate Programs

We have the ability to bring our digital foot scanning experience from our comfort studio to your business. We can scan your employees' feet, looking at bad foot behavior and how we can correct some of that with orthotics that can be placed inside of their current footwear or boots. Pain and discomfort can be directly addressed through this process, increasing performance and productivity along with overall job satisfaction. -see more on our comfort studio page

Cloud 9 can also provide shoes as corporate gifts. Your business can give the gift of comfort and active lifestyle encouragement easily with our partnership. After a discovery of what you would like to provide along with researching availability, we can create a custom form, branded to your business, that you can provide those that you would like to provide a gift to, allowing them to pick size, color, and style.

Please take a look at this example order form: Google Doc

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